“ Dear Mr. Rodriguez :
The pulpit is beautiful! It is very artistically done, and the wood is very lovely. The same is also true of the altar rail. We are extremely pleased with both the pulpit and the rail. They are very well done works of art.”
Father James Moore
Pastor , Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church.

  “ I had the opportunity to work with Juan Carlos Rodriguez and Essential Furniture...The pricing is extremely competitive for the level of quality and craftsmanship. The overall quality of the work was excellent and everyone has been satisfied with the result”
Ethan Anthony
HDB/ Cram & Ferguson, Inc.



  Dear Juan Carlos:
“The craftsmanship is excellent. I can see for myself that the carving is quite beautiful. It is wonderful to know that such fine work is still being done somewhere in the world. Blessings.”
Rev. Harlon Dalton, The Episcopal Church of St. Paul & St. James.